Thursday, February 27, 2014

Fighter Jet Concept

More goofing off with my tablet, this time with Gimp instead of Krita, the pressure sensitivity doesn't work on Krita, so it's nice to have it functioning in Gimp.


  1. Very nice, i like it. I can imagine yet another faction with that style. This could be a "heavy bomber". :)

    Have you tried MyPaint by the way? I used that i draw my pictures and comic strips. Haven't done anything since more than a year, though i still have the tablet and could start anytime soon again... Krita and MyPaint seem to have different goals. Do you think Krita is more professionell than MyPaint? I never tried it because it would install all that KDE stuff and i use MATE (the new Gnome 2).

    1. Oh, if you want to see my stuff, go here: It's not much. Just some random pictures and a bit manga similar stuff. That character basically represents myself. :) If i start again with drawing i want to go a bit more in direction of manga, especially for the eyes. I haven't drawn ever before this, that's why i just made dots as eyes. Sometime i added strokes around the eyes to make them look better. I guess the next step would be to add white around the dots and make the dots shiny. I just tried that and it looks so much better, more soulfull. :))

    2. Wow, that's quite good for your first drawings, looks like you have quite a bit of potential as an artist.

      I've actually never tried MyPaint before, I just downloaded it and it crashes whenever I try to open it, says something about pressure sensitivity, I probably should not have bought such a cheap tablet. XD I'll mess around with it later and see if I can get it to work.

    3. Just downloaded the 32-bit version, a brush package, and the background package and it all works great, doesn't seem to have a way to mirror your drawing, but it seems more responsive than Krita (many of Kritas brushes will lag behind, and some are just really laggy, on Windows 7 at least).

      Krita has a lot more tools that MyPaint doesn't have, but I rather like MyPaints infinite canvas, and Mypaints brushes seem more realistic. I would probably prefer Krita if it didn't lag and it's pressure sensitivity worked with my tablet, but I really can't decide between the two, looks like both have their advantages and disadvantages.

      Thanks for pointing MyPaint out, it looks like it will be quite useful to me.

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  3. Very nice I would like to see an sci Fi airport or just runway