Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Graphics For My New Game -- Weapons

 I spent much of yesterday making a selection of weapons for my new game, I've been using cycles now that I actually have a modern graphics card, and the procedural textures you can create with the node system are amazing. All weapons shown use procedurals only.

These aren't going to be added to the free sprites section just yet, but they may become free sprites in the future when the game is released, so if you're interested in using these, keep watching this area.

Edit: Update, the game is cancelled, these sprites are now CC-By international 4.0 licensed with credit to "millionthvector" or "Alan Guyant".


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  2. Replies
    1. How could you make them ? Can you show me the ways ? .....Can I use them for my game ? Or you can teach me make them. My gmail: chiefmaster126@gmail.com

    2. Hello, Tai, these particular images I'm not releasing for use at this time, perhaps after I finish my game and run it for awhile I will consider releasing all of its images for public use.

      I would be more than happy to point you in the right direction and assist you in learning 3D modeling, I'll email you shortly.

  3. Hello, MillionthVector. You really amazing! Can I use them for my new project?

    1. Thanks, the project I was making these for has been canceled, so feel free, I'll probably end up releasing them under CC-by.

  4. Greetings,
    Sir i want to congratulate you on your amazing work, your imagination for space ships and weapons far surpassess most! Trully well done!

    These weapons are beautifull, cant wait for when you release them for commercial usage!

    1. Thank you! I have released them, they are now on page 2 of the free sprites. Enjoy!

    2. Wow that was quick. Thank you so much!

      If i can ask you 2 more questions:

      1) I assume these sprites are actual 3D models youve created, the sprites are at a Z angle. Is it possible by any means to release the sprites without a rotation but instead viewed from top down too/instead? if you know what i mean.

      2) What do you prefer for credits? MillionthVector and actual name? or just MillionthVector?

      Best Regards,

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    4. For some reason i accidentally double posted, i deleted the duplicate comment, sorry for that. I guess i was a little too excited :P

      Best Regards,

    5. Unfortunatly I don't actually have the 3D files for all of the weapons, as some of them were modified and rerendered without being saved. If you want, I should be able to pack the 3D files into a zip (all .blend files) and you can rotate them and rerender any way you want.
      For credit, either/or will be fine, you can do "Alan Guyant" or "MillionthVector", whichever works best for you.

  5. Greetings,

    The zip file would be more than perfect, if you want to publish it free for everyone may i suggest putting it in page 2 as links below the other weapons so people wont be scared of using it since its attached to the same license as all other ships?

    If you would like to compile them all into a selling package, plz give me a link to where ure selling them and ill be more than happy to buy them today.

    Best Regards,

    1. Usually when I'm selling a model I have to build it in a particular way from the very start to make sure the topology and whatnot is right, on models like these, they only need to look good from a few angles and aren't really suitable for sale.

      I'm not going to post them on the main pages, because the topology and files are subpar, but, I am going to release them under CC-by for use, so if you want to redistribute them you may.


    2. Sir,

      As a token of my gratitude for your great free work and for taking time into helping me get exactly what i wanted, i will buy today some of your premium works untill it reaches a total of 100€

      All 3 of these pages are yours and the money goes to you, right?



      Thank you once again and Best Regards

    3. That is very, very generous of you, unfortunately, depending on the site, most the money actually goes to the website, as opposed to myself.
      Secondly, I couldn't feel right accepting money for those models, the quality of the models is nowhere near where it should be, and they're just leftovers from an unrealised project, it's better that they be useful to someone than just sit on my hard drive.
      Thank you though, that is really kind of you.

    4. Greetings!

      I should Thank you instead for making such a wonderful work with these paid spaceships!

      I ended up buying your following models, cant wait to use them! :D

      SciFi Space Carrier

      Heavy Cruiser Starship

      Heavy Cruiser SpaceShip

      I dont regret buying them 1 bit, they are beautifull and will make a great addition to the (free commercial to use) ships you provided me! i dont know what % you got off my purschases but i hope its not less than 50%.

      Either way, im not done yet because my eyes saw something that they shouldnt have:

      Starbase (such massive detail)

      Pipe Covered Spacecraft (unique in every way)

      and Heavy Spaceship (similar to the collection i bought)

      If all goes right within the next months, thats another 3 ships im buying from you, what can i say, i like your work alot! It reminds me of Homeworld in so many ways.

      Best Regards!

    5. Thank you! Every purchase helps me out, I really appreciate it, thank you very much!

  6. Hi.
    First: great work :)
    Second: Can u give me link to your game?
    Third: Do you knew a place where I can find more those kind of graphic (weapon for space ships, engines for space ships, space ship generators) for space ship inventory

    1. Thank you very much! Unfortunatly though the game project proved to be much too large for a single developer like myself to take on, so I scrapped it.
      Might want to try opengameart.com, they have a lot of graphics on there, you may find what you're looking for.

    2. Oh... Its sad. I was waiting for this game.

      On opengameart.com i did finf something, but not what i needed.
      I must learn how too use some kind of blender...

    3. Yeah, sorry, it turned out starting up a server bank in my bedroom wasn't going to be, umm, practical.

      If you wish to learn Blender 3D, there's a ton of great tutorials to help you get started online, one of the best websites is "BlenderGuru", and if you get hung up anywhere I'm always happy to help beginners get pointed in the right direction.

    4. Hi!
      Look my first work: https://imgur.com/a/EaYl3

    5. Hey, nice job! Looks like you're on the right track, certainly not bad for a first go, keep it up!